free spirit the man I have always wanted....I love you!!!! 
§weet§cent-without who's help this page wouldn't be here! *hugs*  
Sunflower-my fellow slut and always competition...aka Slutflower 
Alita/Janice-one of my first friends here...always sweet and caring! 
Hatter-the man thanks for thirty something and being such a great guy *hugs* and *kisses* Dear 
Skokie-Another one that made me feel welcome from the start *hugs* 
Josie & Wild Orchid- my mentors how would I of ever made the list without their help...*LOL* 
Lacy-always there with a drink and trouble...rob any banks lately!!! *L* 
Kristina- when you show up I know there is gonna be trouble...I love it! 
Pandora-we need to find a home down south soon girlfriend..*S* 
b.c.ingu-the lady with the rich voice and million dollar smile..*S* 
Lizzie- my real time sister in law and closest friend..*hugs*  
KittyKat_ my daughter Katrina...thanks for introducing me to chat!!! *I love you* 
Walleye Girl- always into a good time...and hosts one hell of a chat party!!!  
A Lady-always willing to dance for the boys...ever find that white robe??? 
Auburn-the beatiful lady with the big heart..*S* 
Daiva-little lady with a big heart always will to help out!! 
Ginger-Hey G/F what can I R/T friend we've been through it all!!!! *hugs* 
Udara-always with a hug making me feel so loved...*LOL* 
Bushwacker-what can I say "oh man" I love you man!!! 
Beav-with your *big ole hugz* and you know I mae or mae not!!! 
Wyatt-I can't resist copping a feel when you wear those wranglers.... 
Rea-I can always count on you for a smile 
Cheyenne-always enjoy our wild time in chat *hugs* GF 
Heart-hey us navy wives need to stick together....*hugs* 
Toolman-the sweetest cheese head on the net..*hugs* 
Somerled-my pm only friend...*S* 
Mark-always willing to give a hug and a rose 
Sugardad-such a sweetie...*smooch* 
JP-all that southern charm and more!!!did that fed-ex guy return my ticket yet??? 
PowerTOY-with those big ole bear hugz who wouldn't love him! 
Drive South-this man can talk...*EWG* 
Mr.D & Degigalo-can you believe they are from the same family tree...*yikes* 
Kimmy-Kat- thanks for helping me get ICQ...*hugs* and get a life...*LOL* 
TonyA-what can I say what you do to me in public...*hot dam* 
Zinkster-you are such a willing victim...thanks!!!! 
Ron-Hey guy I'm still standing here waiting to be taken away! *L* 
Pulaski-you shouldn't be allowed to play with handcuffs at all!!! *LOL* 
Immacutie-(o)(o)...*LOL* need I say more????J/K 
Texas Ranger-This guy knows how to seduce a gal in style! *S*S*S* 
Stingray-my fellow yooper!!! 
Beercan43-what can I say I'll meet you at the mosquito inn sometime!!! *L* 
andy-the quiet guy that is so abused...*not* 
running lp-what a doll...but what does the lp stand for...*EWG* 
Viper...the nicest sweetest snake on the net 
Buck...what can I say to know him is to have a great friend 
Rubberman..can sweep me off my feet and onto the dance floor anytime baby boy in cyber land anyway why don't you ever call home??? 
Dr can dance for me anytime...but can I touch though? 
rags...what can I say you're a real sweetheart glad I can call you a friend!!! *hugs*  
Mike39.. always there with a nice word and a good story...when we going to the islands again? 
Fudd...what a sweetie but such a wicked sense of Humor...I love it!!! *S* 
Reddog...your just a wing nut missle dick....but I like ya....Don't know why Char tolerates you though!!! *S*  
Splinter...your always there with a joke or a shoulder thanks...*S* 
No New Tires....*hugs* *kisses**Nibble**lick**suck*...*vweg* BEHAVE!!!!! 
William....The only guy I know who can even make talking computers fun...glad your my friend!!! real time sister and friend...who else would put up with me for so many years...and even if I don't say it you know I love you!!! *hugs* 
CB8251....such a sweetie...and the bike doesn't hurt a bit...*ewg* 
Mike/ the black sheep of the family....when you paged me I never thought I would find such a good friend...(take care of that cannon eh!) 
William the dragon.....Oh gee what can I say other then I love your sense of humor...*hugs* 
RISINGTide.....always there with a good word...and a comforting though...*hugs* take care friend neighbor from the past...your a true friend...and am so happy we have finally found each other again!!! 
§'re such a sweet heart what would I do without you!!! *ewg* 
Redhot33....always in for a good time arn't you!!! Gotta love ya!!! 
Spark Checkers....gonna bottle that engery of your's someday!!! *wink* 
Spirit....always have a blast with you in 30+...*hugs* 
So cal Gal.....if ever I need someone to cuff I guy for me I know who to call!!! *hugs* 
Crustydiva...what a co-worker and friend, always willing to share a laugh. ((hugs))